Glori Blends Dream 'Sleep' Coconut Oil


Glori Blends Dream formula was created to aid with falling asleep and staying asleep, providing a solution for customers who have difficulty falling asleep as well as those who fall asleep easily but wake up too soon. This is important because, without proper sleep, the body and brain will experience decreased functioning and productivity. The cannabinoids provide the ECS (Endo-Cannabinoid System) with the needed compounds to regulate the sleep cycle. The terpene blend supports relaxation, relieves anxiety and has sedative-like effects.

All natural with no additive, preservatives, or fillers.
Formulated using a Coconut Oil base.
Made with whole plant hemp extract.
All plants are grown in Colorado, USA- using Organic growing practices. NO herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers used.
.03% THC Legal in all 50 states.
Glori Blends tinctures and caps contain a whole plant extract with specifically formulated terpene profiles to enhance the dose?s effect.

Store in a cool dark place; Do not need to shake before using.

Extract Type: Tincture

Enhanced for: Sleep

Qty: 1500mg

Suggested Use: as a cannabinoid supplement for adults, take 1 dropper, 1-2 times daily.