Subscription Program

Why you’ll love our new Subscription Program:

 We know you have a lot going on and a lot on your mind, especially during these stressful times. CBD should help reduce your stress, not add an extra thing to think about every month when you’re running low. By opting in to our subscription program, you can relax knowing that ordering CBD is always checked off of your to-do list. 


How Does It Work:

Select ‘subscribe and save 15%’ when adding any Source CBD product(s) to cart. We will automatically create an order for you every month to be delivered to the address we have on file. No re-ordering needed!


Can I pause my subscription?

Yes! If you need to pause your subscription for any reason or length of time, you can do so by logging into your Source CBD account, selecting ‘view my subscriptions’, and then select the pause option. 


Can I change my subscription frequency?

Right now we are only offering one time purchases or monthly subscriptions that are sent out every 1 month. However, you can always skip a delivery to manually adjust the order frequency in your account! 


Can I have more than one item in my subscription?

Of course! You can subscribe to as many Source CBD products you’d like.


What items can I subscribe to?

Any SourceCBD brand items are available to subscriptions. However, we do not offer subscription options for any other brands (i.e. Nanocraft, Glori Blends, Crystal Creek, etc). 

You can find all eligible items here


Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can. While we will be sad to see you go, we understand that circumstances change and you may need to cancel. Simply log into your Source CBD account on to edit or cancel your subscription.


Can I change my payment method?

You sure can! Just log into your Source CBD account, select the ‘manage subscriptions’ tab and edit your card on file from there. 


Can I change my address?

You bet, just as you would change your payment method, you can edit your shipping address under the ‘manage subscriptions’ tab in your account!


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