​Introducing: Coastal Hemp Co.

​Introducing: Coastal Hemp Co.

Posted by Source CBD on Oct 12, 2021

Our New Store, Coastal Hemp Co.

At Source CBD, it has always been our goal to provide CBD products that our customers know they can trust. When we started Source CBD, we launched our very own line of CBD products including CBD Oils, Balms, Skincare, CBD for Pets, and more. As we grew, we began to make connections with other like-minded CBD brands and expand our product offerings in order to provide our customers with they’re best possible options.

As our store and product offerings continue to grow and we begin adding new hemp derived products like Delta 8, we have decided it’s time for a new store! While the Source CBD brand will continue to have its home at sourcecndoil.com, we will also be opening up a new store and a new home for all of our brands: Coastal Hemp Co.

Products You Can Expect To Find On Coastal Hemp Co.

Most of the products you will find at our new store front will be familiar! You’ll still be able to find the entire Source CBD product line including tinctures, soft gels, and pet cbd, as well as some of your favorite brands like Nanocraft, Crystal Creek, and Sunny Skies. However, you will also find some new brands and new products!

Delta 8

We are seeing more and more customers coming into our store looking for Delta 8 for pain as well as Delta 8 for sleep. We are now carrying Delta 8 from trusted brands like Delta Effex, Barely Legal, and D8-Hi, among others.

Shop Delta 8 gummies, cookies, vapes and more at CoastalHemp.co.

Delta 10

Another alternative to Delta 9 that is hemp derived, is Delta 10. While Delta 8 provides more of an ‘indica’ feel, delta 10 is touted as offering more of the feeling that a ‘sativa’ strain may offer. Delta 10 is a great option for those looking to increase creativity and relaxation.

Shop Delta 10 vapes and tinctures at CostalHemp.Co.


Considered pro-drugs, THC-O and HHC are other alternatives to Delta 9 that many people are turning to. In fact, these two compounds may actually be up to 3 time stronger than typical Delta 9 and up to 5 times stronger than Delta 8 or Delta 10.

Shop THC-O and HHC vapes and edibles at CoastalHemp.co